Half of households ‘went green’ in last year

Half of households made energy efficiency improvements to the home in the last year, new research has revealed.

But rather than being concerned about the environment, many families carried out the green upgrades in a bid to cut soaring energy bills.

Homes seeking cost-cutting measures A survey conducted by Pilkington Building Products as part of its ‘MOT Your Home’ campaign found a number of families have plumped for innovative cost-saving measures around the house, with 20 per cent planning more green projects for the future.

However, while 26 per cent want to protect the planet, 36 per cent were motivated by a need to save money amid tightening household budgets.

On the other hand, 18 per cent say they have never made efficiency upgrades and do not plan to any time soon.

More than half of homeowners say they would be happy to pay more for an energy-efficient home in the future. If you are thinking of double glazed French doors, here is a complete guide.

Architect and TV presenter, George Clarke, said: “It’s encouraging to see that many of us have taken steps to make our homes greener – which will help save money in the long run. But, when it comes to making upgrades, it can be hard to know where to start.

Energy saving solutions for consumers hit by rising prices

A leading energy saving website is helping consumers fight back against high energy prices and cut the cost of household electricity bills by up to £900.

With electricity prices’ increasing, in some cases, by an inflation busting 16 per cent, and all major utility companies announcing huge rises, ConserveEnergy.co.uk has researched ways to stop energy bill taking a bite out of a household’s budget.

With three course of action to take, ConserveEnergy.co.uk, says consumers to take action now, over the medium term and over the long term to potentially save up to £900 a year, while just a change in habits could result in savings of £200.

Turning off electrical appliances when not using them can save consumers up to £33 a year say ConserveEnergy.co.uk.

Switching off the lights when leaving a room can save up to 12p for every hour a 60W bulb is turn off.

When making a cuppa, ConserveEnergy.co.uk recommend only using as much water in the kettle as you need, meaning savings of £6 per year. If everyone in the UK did every time they used the kettle, it could save enough electricity in a year to power the UK’s street lights for 2 months.

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Homes seeking cost-cutting measures
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