One in 10 Brits ‘can’t be bothered’ to insulate their home

A tenth of UK households are missing out on huge savings by not having their cavity walls and lofts insulated, claiming that they simply ‘can’t be bothered’, according to a poll by EON.

The energy firm estimates that the average home can save up to £390 a year on their bills with cavity wall and loft insulation – yet more than half of the homeowners it polled were unaware of this potential saving.

One in seven said they didn’t know how to go about insulating, while around one in 10 said they had too much clutter in the loft.

Some 17 per cent of respondents felt they couldn’t afford to insulate their homes. EON said installation can cost from £99.

The group’s insulation expert Kevin Bryant said: “With a quarter of heat lost through uninsulated roofs and a third through uninsulated walls, installing cavity wall or loft insulation is one the best long term approaches you can make to getting your home more energy fit.”

Some 60 per cent of people polled didn’t know that insulation also helps keep homes cooler in the summer.

But 6 out of 10 homes have double glazing, some of which really needs to be replaced. Replacement Windows – How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows?

Seven in 10 Brits use savings or overdraft for energy bills

Insulation 'could cut household energy bills' Many using savings to meet rising energy costs Monday, 26 September 2011 11:31 AM

The rising cost of living is causing more than two thirds of British households to dip into their savings or overdraft to meet the rising cost of energy bills. A poll for Moneysupermarket shows rising costs are taking many householders by surprise.

The latest round of price hikes from the Big Six energy providers adds an average 17.4% to gas bills and 10.8% to electricity bills, the comparison service found, proving that now is the ideal time to review rates and possibly switch to a cheaper provider.

The average house is having to find an extra £155.75 per year to meet the cost of energy bills, and with the overall cost of living continuing to spiral, 71% of British consumers will need to turn to their savings, credit cards or overdraft to fund rising bills, according to

The team also found that despite rising costs, the majority of UK households are staying loyal to their energy provider. According to a survey by Ofgem, 58% of gas customers have never switched their supplier while 57% of electricity customers have never switched. Therefore at least 12.3 million households have never switched supplier.

Scott Byrom, energy manager at, said: “Those turning to credit cards or an overdraft to fund basic household bills need to be careful; while it’s no bad thing to use credit to help manage outgoings occasionally, consumers must ensure they can repay any money they borrow or they run the risk of falling into a spiral of debt.

“A credit card can provide a short term cash flow solution but you need to be disciplined and make sure you pay off the amount before the next bill arrives.”

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Insulation ‘could cut household energy bills’
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