Choosing your Sash Window Design

You may think that all sash windows look the same, but there is quite a good choice when it comes to to their overall visual appearance.

UPVC Sash Window StylingI suppose most folks who had sash windows in their houses when they were kids back in the 60’s,70’s & 80″s associate them with draughty old sticky windows that froze on the inside during winter. Often painted so much that the sashes were stuck to the frames and would not open, or sat with broken sash ropes that nobody could drum up the enthusiasm to fix.

These days things are a bit different. All new sash widows will be double glazed for a start off – and that alone is a huge jump in energy savings and quality of life from your old rotten, timber, single glazed nightmare.

Demands for energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and “kerb-appeal” by consumers have pushed the industry to come up with proper locks. easy gliding tracks, spring loaded tensioners instead of ropes & weights – even sash windows that rotate.

Personalising the appearance of your sash windows

The material you use for the frames is optional, you can go for

  • Aluminium
  • Soft wood (engineered timber)
  • Hardwood
  • UPVC

To be honest, I’ve not seen a lot of residential installations of Aluminium and UPVC seems to be the material that is gaining in popularity.

To find out more about sash window styling you should take a look at How to make Sash Windows using Casement Windows

Modern UPVC Sash Window Styling