If you are planning to sell your home, then you will want to ensure that you attract a buyer quickly and that you get a good price for your property.

There are several small things you can do to make your house or apartment a much more saleable commodity, which could really pay off in the long run.

Start with the outside of your home – does it look inviting? Is it tidy or does your front garden need a bit of work? Is any of the paintwork chipped, faded or peeling off? Try and be as objective as possible and imagine that you are seeing the property for the first time.

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Tips for preparing your property for saleIt really pays to make a good impression before potential buyers walk through the door and you could find that it helps them to make a favourable comparison to other properties for sale that they may already have viewed.

Once you have sorted out the exterior of your home, it’s time to begin work on the inside, which could seem like a daunting task.

Take the time to thoroughly check all the rooms for any damage or minor repairs that need doing – even if you’ve been living with a small problem for months, chances are a new owner won’t be prepared to.

You may also want to consider redecorating any rooms that feature particularly vibrant colours as this can put some buyers off, although you will need to decide whether the expense and effort of doing so is really worth it.

After you have finished making any necessary repairs, you should look at ways to remove all the clutter and depersonalise your home.

Tidy away everything that doesn’t need to be there, including ornaments, knick-knacks and even the books in the bookcases.

Packing up family photos and other personal touches you’ve added to your home is also a good idea because this can help potential buyers visualise the life they could make in your house or flat, rather than being confronted with the life you’ve been living there.

You should also consider removing any pieces of furniture that you don’t need and that make a room – or rooms – overly cluttered. Consider renting a storage unit if you have several large items that you would like to get out of the way.

Similarly, if there are any fixtures or appliances you intend to take with you to your new home, you may want to remove these as well to avoid any confusion over what will be left in the house when you leave.

Once you have finished tidying, it is time to clean every room in the house – from the floors and skirting boards to the windows and light fittings.

Dirty properties are unlikely to impress anyone, so really make the effort to get your home spick and span before the estate agent arrives for the first viewing.

When you have finished, take the time to examine your handiwork. Wander around your home and really scrutinise every room to check that you haven’t missed anything. Make sure there is a clear path around each space, with no furniture or other items blocking access.

If you own pets – particularly a cat or dog that could get in the way during a viewing – make sure you control them, or if possible, take them out of the equation all together. Ask someone to walk the dog when buyers are coming or get a friend to look after your cat for an afternoon.

Tips for preparing your property for sale
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